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About Us


Founded in 2008 By Princess Nyah, Binghi’s had its first breakthrough from pre selling out of a limited edition ladies T-Shirt via MySpace. The bossy and feisty slogan, ‘The Billionaire Girls Club’, caught the eye of 100 females with its statement of female empowerment, who flocked to their PayPal accounts to make an order that would be a staple part of history.

The Unique fashion brand quickly picked up through the summer of 2009, where every DJ in the urban scene was draped in a Binghi’s brand T-Shirt. Event’s such as ‘Sex, Drugs and Funky house’ was a complete sell out, as well as ‘Big Boy’s do big things’. A touch of Princess Nyah’s Bossy flare and British twist made her new men’s range a cut above the rest.

While their influences were pulled from street culture and everyday phrases, The London born brand was mainly influenced by what was happening in their hometown. Daniella Dawkins, "Head designer" at Binghi’s, explains that most of the designs are a mixture of Princess Nyah's style and love for Nike Jordan’s.

In 2011, Binghi’s teamed up with International Recording artist J-Cole and managed the distribution of his dreamville clothing line, giving it that Binghis UK influence. He became a fan of the brand and continues to wear Binghi’s Boutique products.

Over the past 10 years Binghi’s has become an established favourite for any individual, with the motto ‘Positive Clothes For Positive People’ Princess Nyah explained “Its not about how many people are wearing the clothes it’s about evoking an emotion so that our customers come back” which they most definitely do. 

Binghi's is a very close-knit organisation run by friends and family. Orla Head Graphic Designer  explains, "Working in a family environment is amazing, we have highs and lows how ever our positive out look on life makes us stronger than ever". 


Watch this space!