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Yennefer of Venderberg- A female powerhouse.

by Jack Cogger | | boss, change, courageous, empowering, girlboss, girlcrush, goals, progress, rolemodel, strong, success | 0 Comments

Many powerful women are depicted in film and television, yet while we have focused on females in film so far, we have yet to explore fictional women in television programmes. Todays blog is looking at one of the lead actresses in the show ‘The Witcher’ (Schmidt, 2019-). Yennefer of Venderberg is a female sorceress in the story and shows her development from frail and fragile girl to an unmistakably badass powerhouse.  When the story begins Yennefer is a hunchbacked misunderstood young girl, thrown out by her father and sold to a sorceress witch. She is constantly put down and dismissed as being weak and vulnerable which only spurs her on to reach her true potential. As the narrative progresses Yennefer is constantly undermined by her male counterparts who discredit her in an attempt to stop her ascension to power. However, Yennefer is extremely innovative and uses her intelligence to achieve her goals anyway. This is a consistent theme with her character, often using her intelligence and wisdom to overthrow expectations and come out on top. This climaxes at the end of the season when Yennefer releases her true potential and is shown as easily the most powerful sorceress alive, regardless of her gender. The montage when she realises her true power is extremely important as it plays all the negative comments people made about her in the background as if they are her subconscious thoughts. It encapsulates how her character is treated throughout the season, always being undermined and dismissed by her male counterparts. This makes her final ascension to power even more satisfying as she not only proves all her haters wrong, but she actively shows herself as defying the rules placed upon her.


Yennefer is a great fictional character at showing how a woman should not be underestimated. She is shown to be intelligent, fierce, wise and witty. All of these different abilities and characteristics which define her, allowing her to transform from frail girl to a badass woman.

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