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Wondering what to do this summer? We've got you covered.

by Jack Cogger | | delicious, goals, lifestyle, love, success, summer, vibes | 0 Comments

Now that we are fully into the swing of celebrating summer we decided it would be a wise decision to look at some of the activities or events that you can do this summer. With holidays abroad being sporadic and not guaranteed this year it is still good to have alternatives in mind. So in this blog, we will be going over four different things you can do this summer which will not only help you have a great time, but also help make the most of it after what has been a long and hard year for many.


Go to the beach- With great weather expected across a lot of the UK this summer when is a better time to go to the beach? There are plenty of great beaches and it’s one of the best places to make the most of the sun.


Have a Barbeque with friends and family- Summer is almost synonymous with having barbeques. They are great for getting friends and family together and are also a brilliant chance at trying out some of the cocktails we discussed in our last blog post.


Read a book in the sun- The summer is a great time to just go outside and relax. Try sitting outside in your garden, a park, or any other naturally bright area and having some you time. This could be as simple as reading a book and just forgetting about the woes and struggles of the day, it honestly helps.


Go to a drive-in cinema- While the cinema is great, in the summer there is nothing better than a drive in or outside cinema. It makes the most of the sunny weather and while they’re quite rare they are definitely worth it.

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