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Wonder Woman- A story of power and integrity.

by Jack Cogger | | change, empowering, equality, goals, lifestyle, summer, vibes | 0 Comments

To conclude our focus on feminism these blog posts will explore different feminist films and give some recommendations as to which films we believe are not only entertaining but equally empowering.
Often Comic book characters are perceived as being strong and powerful men, yet this only reinforced a patriarchal view of masculinity. The lack of female representation in the superhero genre resulted in the stereotype of men being the only heroes being continued in perpetuity. Whereas this was changed with the introduction of females such as Wonder Woman. Her film alongside Captain Marvel marked a refreshing change, where female superheroes were not only acknowledged but given the respect they deserve. The most important reason for understanding this shift in tone is due to the fact that the superhero genre is one of the most popular in modern cinema across a plethora of audiences. Films such as Wonder Woman tell the story of a society of women led by a matriarch who is completely independent of men, yet are extremely powerful. This can be an empowering story as it combines the escapism of the genre with an understanding based on the reality that women can be both independent and strong.

What Wonderwoman does best is depicts an image of women outside of societal norms, and if anything encourages females to defy gender stereotypes that restrict them. It equally places a value on a matriarchal figure, as opposed to a patriarchal one which is the generic character that Hollywood blockbusters rely upon. This empowerment of women is not just refreshing but needed in the modern film industry.

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