Women Against Wastemen - Why we need a united front?

Should feminism seek to improve the self-esteem of a generation of women?

Here are some ideas on self-worth, feminism, and supporting your friends in the generation of wastemen. 

Women still romanticise romance...we all do it a little bit. We've been conditioned to seek validation in our romantic relationships.

Feminism has focused on sexism, on ideas of femininity and on equality.

The 21st Century western Woman needs a Feminism that helps to rebuild her self-worth and her knowledge of self. So that she isn't susceptible to a generation of wastemen.

A long time ago, we came out with our classic 'Women over Wastemen' collection, which we have brought back this summer. We feel that this message still holds a lot of power.

Without even bringing anything to the table, men still manage to get what they want. Girls will get labelled side chicks, psychos and will be competing for the attention of a wasteman.

Men manage to have a hold over women, no matter how much women say we are done with them. Meme-culture swallows all the problematic situations that we find ourselves in, and slowly normalises these destructive cycles...simply because you alongside 10,000 other females related to that meme and clicked like.

This is something that many modern feminists have failed to address.

In a recent promotional stunt from her upcoming album Nicki Minaj shared some wisdom that we all needed to hear.

She is far from a feminist pioneer, however she used her platform for good not evil at the end of May....and now we are steady waiting for what the Barbie has in store. The Album drops on Friday 15th June.

In her Twitter rant, she spoke about relationships, marriage proposals and knowing your worth.

In her tweets she talks about how women are queens, with or without their men. She emphasises the importance of individual growth and spirituality.

"Once your spirit can soar on its own, then you are ready to "allow" him the privilege of ur time." 

She talks about the 'era' we live in, whether you call them wastemen, dogs or fuckboys. There is a certain type of man who she is warning against.

"Arguing with other women while defending your abuser is the new era. Word to the gram."

Here at Binghi's Boutique we feel that Women need to stand together against wastemen.

Don't belittle his side chick when he is the one who was disloyal...just drop him. It isn't her fault, she was being played the same way as you.

Women need to support each other instead of competing with each other. We need to end ALL girl on girl crime.



1. A man who doesn't act his age, spends his life in the same clothes with no job or prospects, and a complete disrespect for women.

2. A boy who does nothing with his life.

Let's be real women need soldiers. Not wastemen.

It is very interesting that when women gain sexual freedom and independence, there is less pressure on men to perform. In other words, to play the part of everything a women needs...and it seems without this pressure you are left with a generation of wastemen.

Women need to start setting standards. 

Where women have become less romantic, men have stopped making that additional effort. They think by the simple virtue of their masculinity that they are enough. 

They seriously think that we are lucky to have them?

Times have changed. The things that men used to do for women, women are very capable of doing for themselves.

They can no longer hide behind being their identity as the breadwinner, and their character becomes much more important.

Women don't need men, but if you are going to have a man... best believe that he should be a man who brings something to the table.

A man with his own ambitions and goals, a man who is always striving for more, a man who will challenge you and help you grow, while you are both on your individual journeys. 

Between instagram, twitter and the phenomena of dating apps. It seems people are never truly committed to each other, when using these apps we are constantly reminded of the fact that there could be someone better out there.

All this has contributed to the cheating and disloyalty which has been normalised, and lets be real our generation is plagued with trust issues.

If a relationship is a lot of work, then it isn't right. Don't over analyse it.

And trust me girl, you weren't the problem...he was probably a wasteman.

Sometimes you just simply don't match with someone, and that is okay.

Women sometimes try too hard to make it work with a man who isn't worth their time.Too many women have been taught the destructive belief, that when things go wrong it must be their fault.

We are taught that it is our responsibility to make things work. 

Women should be more focused on supporting and encouraging each other. Help your friends build their self-esteem, remind them that they are loved and that a woman does not need a man.

Just because a man gives a woman some attention, doesn't mean he is worth a woman's time.

The fact is, if your friends aren't feeling good about themselves....they will fall for these wastemen.

 A wasteman who brings nothing to the table shouldn't be kept around for too long.

He doesn't pay your bills, doesn't treat you like a queen and doesn't enrich your mind.

Don't pretend you need him when you've got your family and friends.

Women over Wastemen.

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