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Women against Wastemen- A culture of celebration.

by Jack Cogger | | bodypositivity, collection, equality, fashion, lifestyle, news, womenagainstwastemen | 0 Comments

Women as a collective group have often been marginalised throughout history. Their struggles were often ignored and they are still commonly underrepresented in a wide range of different industries, from fashion to business. These are some of the core points that feminism seeks to address on a societal level, however, with this, a new culture is needed. A culture that celebrates the achievements of women and enables them to feel free and able to express themselves, this is what Women against Wastemen strive towards. 

This isn’t to say that women have not had a stark impact on the world that we live in. Instead, it is just highlighting how women’s contributions to society were often overshadowed by the actions of men. There are still countless women who have completely revolutionised different industries and their impact on the world cannot be overstated. From fashion icons such as Coco Chanel who began in humble beginnings to becoming one of the most famous and influential fashion designers of all time. To women who redefined literature such as Jane Austen whose books are considered classics which explore the relationship of women’s role in 1800’s society. Plenty of women have made enormous contributions to the world in all different fields, they were just often overlooked. Now in modern times we can look back and celebrate these women and their accomplishments. While also looking forward to how women can make more positive changes without being overshadowed.

A celebration of women’s achievements.

As mentioned prior there have been a plethora of women who have made long-lasting changes across society. Within the realm of fashion Coco Chanel is considered one of the most important figures in the industry. Her creation of Chanel revolutionised what was considered female fashion and style. She created the freedom that enabled women to express themselves through their clothing, enabling women to convert typical menswear into versatile pieces that women could wear as well. This allowed for a more newfound liberation and freedom for women to wear what they wanted, instead of having a pre-established expectation on how women should appear. Revolutionising fashion extended far beyond just allowing women to express themselves as individuals through what they wear, but it sent a message to society. Women are more than just housewives who wear corsets and follow an established order, instead, they are more equal to men. She broke fashion norms such as showing the ankle and have shorter hair, which was in no way a conventional style. She famously said, “Nothing is more beautiful than freedom of the body” and this is a quote that she stood by and can still resonate with people today.

Another iconic figure that revolutionised society, specifically the film industry and how women were represented was Katherine Hepburn. She was always depicted as a fiercely independent and strong woman who would often defy societal norms. Considered by the American Film Institute as the most successful and most important female actress of the classic Hollywood period. Her approach towards gender norms was unique in this time period, often being seen as the woman who transformed what the “modern woman” is perceived as. Her impact on fashion in the Western world was equally important, being the first woman to wear and popularise trousers when societal norms expected women to wear skirts. This commitment to a lifestyle that went against what was expected of women shows her independence and ability to not conform to the mainstream.

Woman against Wastemen

The reason that we have looked at these iconic women that transformed how a woman is seen is that it is one of the founding principles that guide us as an organisation. We want to help construct a culture that is celebratory of both women as a group and as individual people. Allowing women to express themselves both freely and confidently. This culture isn’t about demonising men or negatively representing them, but instead, it is about empowering women. Feminism is one of the core beliefs that we are inspired by, the ability to allow women to make real meaningful change, so we believe that it should be celebrated.  This culture of celebrating women as well as the individual encapsulates the very essence of what this movement is about, celebrating, empowering, and supporting one another. 

Women against Wastemen presents a bold and powerful image, it is one that seeks to address and highlight many of the issues that women face, but also how people can come together for the collective good. As the message itself is bold we have accompanied this with the style of the brand, it isn’t about presenting the stereotypical view of quiet and modest women but about being unapologetically strong, independent, and powerful. The image below shows just one style of this branding. It is as much about the message as it is about the clothing. A stance that endorses feminism and female empowerment, encouraging body positivity, and one which seeks to create a harmonious culture of self-betterment.

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