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What you can do to get involved with feminism.

by Jack Cogger | | bodypositivity, boss, change, empowering, equality, girlboss, goals, progress, success, women, womenagainstwastemen | 0 Comments

Feminism is a movement that requires collective effort to make real lasting change. This means that everybody has a role to play in addressing issues that women face in society and having the mindset to want to make the world a more equal and fair place for all. There are numerous actions a person can take to make an impact even if they do seem small and inconsequential. One of the most important things that a woman can do is have their voice heard and join the conversation. Having your voice heard could be speaking up about issues you have faced in your life or it could be speaking about experiences and things you have witnessed which you think are wrong and unjust. Speaking about these different experiences raises awareness about longstanding issues that women face on a daily basis while also breaking down barriers that stop change from taking place. 

Reading about feminism can also be very beneficial. Understanding the history and aims of feminism allows for a deeper connection to the movement and also informs people of issues that women face in other areas of society. We will be releasing another blog post that suggests some starting books to read about feminism just to give some ideas and inspiration as to where to start. Lastly, supporting other women is just as important as raising awareness. Helping one another helps empower women as it is about lifting each other up rather than bringing each other down. 

The fight for equality is a long process, but with collective effort and determination. it can and will be achieved.

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