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What Does Being Successful Mean To You?

by Benedetta Doro | | empowering, goals, lifestyle, progress, rolemodel, success, women | 11 Comments

We all want to succeed in life. We would like to feel successful and achieve the goals we set. It’s extremely satisfactory to feel successful and feel proud of ourselves. But what does success really mean?

Setting goals for ourselves is part of human nature, without them we won’t be motived to move forward and make progress. It’s rewarding being able to ace that one task you challenged yourself with and it’s undoubtedly a great feeling to ‘succeed’ in something. However, I don’t think it’s possible to give one general explanation, which would clarify the whole meaning of the word “success”. In my opinion, being successful is something that changes from person to person. My goals and dreams won’t probably match yours, because we are all chasing something different. Most importantly our stories are unique, we all have something that diversify us from one another and make us special. This also leads us to have other priorities and see things under a different light. It wouldn’t be the right thing to follow someone else’s idea of success.

Success doesn’t necessarily have to come from fame or money. It could be getting a good grade at university, getting a promotion at work. But, it could also be sticking to your weekly organisation plan or even just surviving a long and exhausting day. The good thing about success is that it can be found even in the smallest actions, sometimes we just need to take a step back and look at what we have accomplished. Another thing worth reminding is that as long as you’re trying you’re not failing. While it might be difficult to always approach a task or a problem with a positive attitude and you feel like your goal is too far away, remember that everyone has bad days and tomorrow will be a new, fresh day.

So, what does being successful mean to you? Are you currently working for reaching a goal? What are you proud of?

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