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Tina Turner- Musician, Icon, Legend.

by Jack Cogger | | boss, empowering, girlboss, girlcrush, progress, rolemodel, success | 0 Comments

This week we are exploring female icons within the film industry. However, there are certain figures which transcend just the film industry and provide a greater impact to culture overall. One of the most successful females who made the transition from music to film is Tina Turner. While she has been primarily known for her music she has also done several films including Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (Miller, 1985) and Last Action Hero (McTiernan, 1993), while her films show her acting talent, she is predominantly known for her music, which has also been used in countless films as soundtracks. Her iconic voice has made her a household name with some of her most famous songs being Nutbush City Limits to others like Proud Mary. Each of her songs encapsulate how powerful a woman can be and it definitely shows through her many performances.

Tina Turner has accomplished so many different achievements within her lifetime. These achievements include twelve Grammy awards, including a lifetime achievement award. She is also the first black artist and first female artist to appear on the cover of music magazine Rolling Stone. Her career as both actress and musician has proven to countless people that females can empower themselves. as she has cemented herself as the most successful female Rockstar performer of all time.

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