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New Monday, Better You

by binghisboutique Admin | | goals, lifestyle, progress | 0 Comments

Many times people complain about Mondays, usually you won't hear someone excited about them. The weekend is over and it’s time to go back to work, with a long, tiring week in front of you…


However, you don’t have to look at Mondays so negatively. Indeed, there are some positive aspects related to the beginning of the week; it’s a new fresh start and you should try making the most out of it.


Write down all the things you have or would like to do this week. Organising your time better by using a calendar, can help to survive a busy week and not dread every single day. Maybe you can use different colours for the most urgent appointment to set your priorities.

Mondays are also a good opportunity to challenge yourself. You could begin by setting some goals to accomplish during the week. Something that you haven’t found the time for earlier or that you have just avoided until now.

Another good way to approach the week positively is by thinking about what will make every day a great one. Try to find something you’re excited for and if you cannot find anything, then come up with a new idea. By doing so you’ll always have something to look forward to.

You have the power to transform a normal week into an amazing one, you just need to believe in it!



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