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Men shouldn't be making laws about women's bodies

by Benedetta Doro | | #notyyourbodynotyourproblem #women #power, girlboss | 13 Comments

The Alabama Senate passed the most restrictive abortion bill in the history US on Tuesday. Governor Kay Ivey signed it into law on Wednesday 15.


According to the bill, abortion will not even be permitted in cases of rape or incest, and doctors who perform the procedure could go to prison for 99 years.


This is yet another terrible act of white old men taking decisions over women’s bodies. It’s sad but also scary to think that in 2019, a time where we should be striving for equality, women still have to face these kind of injustices. The women of Alabama have watched powerlessly as the state has taken away the right of deciding over their own bodies. 

Credit to @alyserurianidesign (IG) 

Not only is it shocking to witness the stipulation of these kind of decisions, but it’s even more horrific if we think that it’s happening in a country which promotes itself as progressive and as the land of freedom. Indeed, looking at the current situation of the way women, members of the LGBT community and other minorities are treated, it feels like the US is back to the 14th century.


Another aspect, worth thinking about in regard to what just happened in Alabama is the failure in dividing the Church from the State. The interference of religious beliefs in political decisions should not have happened, yet it’s how Gov. Ivey justified the making of the abortion law.

Governor Kay Ivey signing the abortion law. 

By acting “in the name of God” the state is failing in giving assistance to those women alive, in order to protect a hypothetical life. The judgment on whether to abort or not, should be taken by the woman who’s pregnant and who’s going through that specific situation, and not by some random person who will never have to personally deal with her or the baby. There are many reasons behind someone’s decision on wanting to interrupt a pregnancy and they are all valid, but most importantly very personal.


We as women, and men who support us, need to stand unite against injustices and let our voices be heard louder than ever before.


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