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M- For Matriarch

by Jack Cogger | | boss, change, courageous, empowering, girlboss, progress, rolemodel, strong, success | 0 Comments

As we look at different fictional inspirational women in different television and film franchises we often focus on younger figures, who fight for change and progress. However, this blog will look at a woman who has been the prime example of being strong, independent and bold and is comparatively quite old to characters like Katniss Everdeen. M from the James Bond franchise was originally created with a male actor in mind, this was until Judi Dench took over the role and brought a charisma and energy not seen before. Judi Dench’s portrayal of M can be defined as being a matriarch who acts as mentor, leader and friend to James Bond. While in the Daniel Craig films she is older, she doesn’t lose her authority or power. If anything. her presence is more powerful because of the air of wisdom which surrounds her. Often embodying an aura of collected calm and power she acts as the anchor to James Bond and is one of the few people that he completely respects as a mother like figure. Her longevity in the position until her tragic death in Skyfall proved that she was more than just an ordinary leader. Instead her relationship with James bond became iconic and enduring.

Throughout the 17 years that Judi Dench played M the fictional character has become synonymous with a woman of power and authority. The iconic portrayal is a testament that women can be powerful regardless of their appearance or age.  

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