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Look sexy for you, not them.

No woman should ever have to experience sexism in any shape or form, yet too often this is still a daily occurrence for many women. So many females are highly sexualised for the gratification of men, which is definitely not the way it should be. It places an immense amount of pressure on women to conform to a certain look or aesthetic and completely removes a woman’s personal choice and independence as it doesn’t fit the ‘norm’. While the fashion industry has taken steps towards addressing this blatant sexualisation of women, it hasn’t fully accomplished that yet. Our message to you is look sexy for you, not for the sake of men. We strive towards empowering women to be confident in your appearance and to feel good about yourselves, as you definitely deserve to. Body positivity is one of our main goals as we want women to feel inspired about themselves and together we can achieve this.

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