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Last month we were reminded us how meaningful fashion can be...the Met Gala and much more

by @Jlovelly19 Jordan | | | 2 Comments

Here at Binghi's Boutique we are all about self expression. And what better way to show who you really are than through your clothes. We see fashion as a daily statement of freedom and our designs are a step in the right direction for the revolution. 



Clothes are something we have to consider every day of our lives. If we didn't we'd surely be arrested for streaking on the street. So why not turn a necessity into an adventure? If you look fun, you feel fun. How will anyone know who your favourite band are if you don't wear that t-shirt with their faces on? How will people know your favourite colour if there isn't a splash of it on your shoes? There's no way to tell you're a 50's fashion lover if you don't wear that adorable bandanna.



I'm all about keeping on the bright colours all year round. A loud wardrobe is imperative to revitalise the world around us during the dreary months of winter. While winter wardrobes have their own special niche with woolly jumpers and long boots, we're finally trotting into spring and summer with all the energy of a bear freshly woken from hibernation. Even the biggest winter babies get the blues after months of layering up and getting soaked under umbrellas that have blown inside out. So why not celebrate the changing seasons and rebirth of the sun by getting your knees out (no doubt after blunting several razor blades). My favourite go-to summer colours are all things coral because it reminds me of seasides and holidays, as well as pink floral patterns because blossom is my favourite spring plant and is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face. And what better way to accentuate your beautiful smile than with a vibrant lipstick worthy of a calippo ice-lolly?



Summer wardrobes have endless possibilities for self expression. From denim shorts, to crop tops, to sandals and flowery headbands. There's just so much choice to help you feel fierce and flawless every sunny season. If you're heading to the beach to rock your new bikini, don't forget your sun block and sunglasses for ultimate protection while your hair lightens and skin goes golden. Looking good doesn't have to come at a painful price. 



You only have to look at the photographs from the 2018 Met Gala to comprehend what a humongous impact a courageous outfit can have on all those who lay eyes on it. The style that seems to be getting the most attention is Rihanna's sparkly Pope look. With the theme: "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination", Rhi Rhi definitely didn't disappoint. Katy Perry also crashed down to earth flapping her angel wings. The literal angel wings in question were taller than Katy herself and blended in perfectly with her platinum blonde hair and metallic gold dress.



My personal favourite was Blake Lively, who looked like a mix between a Greek Goddess and an Indian Princess with her ethereal hair piece and no less than stunning Versace gown.

Blake has been my ultimate girl crush since she played Serena Van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl (who also had her fair share of wardrobe goals), and seeing her as a vision at the Met Gala only reiterates how magnificent she really is. The deep wine of the skirt mixed with the shimmering gold matches perfectly with her golden locks of mermaid hair. Ryan Reynolds is a lucky guy!



Amal Clooney went in a totally different direction with her elegant ensemble. I can only describe it as: business in the front, party in the back. Slightly more subtle than that of Rihanna and Katy, her sleek trousers give the impression of empowered business woman, while her sensational skirt exudes her inner Disney Princess. Even her husband George knows who really wears the trousers in their relationship.


 If this doesn't make us want to be famous, I don't know what will.



The Met Gala also shows us that fashion goes further and is much broader than just celebrities looking good and flaunting their bank accounts. The Met is an annual charity ball that gives as much as it gets while it raises millions of dollars a year for the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute in New York. It focuses on the museum's fashion exhibition and completely epitomises the definition of 'costume' with its extravagant catwalk of celebrities in fancy dress.



 Another impressive charity based fashion spectacle is Naomi Campbell's Fashion for Relief. The British model is using her celebrity platform to raise money and awareness for the Times Up movement by hosting this admirable charity gala in Cannes, France. It should be noted that the theme for 2018 was called Race to Equality, and Naomi herself defined the importance of this event: "equality means to me to be treated fairly in equal ways, impartially, wherever you are in the world". This quote is admirable at the very least, but it goes further than that by empowering women of all backgrounds. Campbell is an inspiration to women of colour, showing that there is more than enough room for them in today's loud society. Their voice is valuable.




Fashion is an understated form of magic. It can transform you like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. Whether it's comfy-casual, ball gown material or a night in the club, the wardrobe is your oyster. Clothes are a wonderful way to be yourself and show everyone who you are, which is why we love our Binghi's Babes to have the best wardrobes whatever the season. So we make our clothes for sassy females who want their fierce messages heard and their personalities exposed. We don't censor our outfits to what society deems respectable, we design material to help our Babes become successful, bad ass women.



We prioritise comfort and courage for all women. You are a mannequin and life is a catwalk!



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Betty / Reply

Great article! I loved it!!

Katherine / Reply

Love the descriptions. Very well worded and makes you want to see the clothes 😊

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