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International Women's day- Its history and purpose

by Jack Cogger | | boss, change, courageous, empowering, equality, goals, lifestyle, progress, rolemodel | 0 Comments

In continuing our theme of modern feminism we will be exploring International Women’s day, its importance, and why we have a day celebrating women’s achievements. Although International Women’s day has already been this year (taking place on the 8th March) it is still good to understand why this day was created and what it means for women. Each year has a theme in which the event takes place around, this year was looking at female leadership especially in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic and how there can be a more equal future going forward. While its history dates back to the early 1900s, the first recorded being in 1911, the lasting impact of celebrating this day can still be felt by modern feminists. The United Nations began holding the International Women’s day celebrations in 1975 and has remained throughout the years since. The mission and goal of the event have largely remained the same, to celebrate the achievements of women but also raising awareness about issues of gender inequality across the globe. It has proven to be a success in highlighting what women have achieved throughout history and inspiring the next generation of women to equally get involved in the fight for true gender equality. It has also ensured that discussions about gender issues are still constantly spoken about, whether this is bias, discrimination, or places abroad where women are not afforded the same rights as men. Each of these issues is extremely important to be talked about as it means that collectively change can be made to ensure these issues do not remain. Another theme that 2021 had was the #ChoosetoChallenge, this was a campaign to encourage people to challenge inequalities they witness in their daily lives, whether this is at home, at work, or on the street. Only when these issues are publicly challenged can a true difference be made.

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