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International feminism- #HeForShe

by Jack Cogger | | change, courageous, empowering, equality, goals, love, progress, success | 0 Comments

In one of our past blog posts, we looked at the life of Emma Watson, she helped set up the ‘HeForShe campaign which is the main focus of this blog post. HeForShe alongside the MeToo movement are two of the most influential modern movements to help revitalise and reinvigorate feminism in the modern-day. The HeForShe campaign has a whole series of objectives and goals to help further gender equality. 

Launched by the United Nations in 2014 it has encouraged and advocated for influential men to get behind the movement towards gender equality. The founding ethos is that it requires both men and women alike to battle gender inequality, so obtaining the support of men in politics, business, and elsewhere is key to constructing a more equitable and fair society. Some of the points that the campaign highlighted were the under-representation of females in CEO and head of state as approximately 95% of which are men. They equally believe that gender equality in representation on a national level will not be achieved for another 130 years. To support this initiative various male world leaders from across the globe have contributed to making a difference and voice their support. Some of these world leaders include Stefan Löfven Prime Minister of Sweden to Shinzo Abe Prime Minister of Japan and even Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada. It equally includes figures from the World Bank Group and other international institutions. This collective support has led to a push for more gender inclusivity for encouraging women into top governmental roles. 

Modern feminist movements are all about encouraging and supporting women into roles that have been predominantly centered around men. This when done in conjunction with the support of men and women alike allows for this change to be normalised, and hopefully will lead to fairer representation in Parliaments across the globe.

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