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Halle Berry - More than just a film icon.

by Jack Cogger | | boss, change, empowering, girlboss, girlcrush, Halle Berry, rolemodel, success | 0 Comments


For this week we will be looking at iconic women in the film industry and how they are powerful images for what an independent woman can achieve. Often the star focus of a film is on the male actor and this detracts from the equal amount of work that female actresses put into their performances. So, this week’s blog posts will be exploring female icons in film and highlighting how they have made a big difference in the film industry and for women’s representation in more general terms.

Halle Berry has been involved in film for more than 30 years and has achieved a series of different accolades and awards. She has been involved with countless films although some of her most famous are her performances in Monster’s Ball where she has been the only woman of colour to win the Oscar for Best Female Actress. She has also been propelled into pop culture with her acting roles in the X-men films and Catwomen. However, even though Halle Berry has achieved all this so far it does not mean she didn’t have challenges that she has overcome throughout her life. She is a type 1 diabetic and even spent time in a homeless shelter when she was first starting her career. Her dedication to her work and her passion have inspired countless women to achieve their own goals. She is a perfect example of what an independent woman can achieve and is proof that you do not need men to help you achieve your dreams.

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