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#GirlBoss - Angelina Jolie : The Ultimate Role Model for women

by Clarissa Venturi | | empowering, girlboss, girlcrush, rolemodel | 0 Comments

If you thought about Angelina Jolie 20 years ago, you would have never associated her to a “role model”.
Born and raised in Los Angeles, she was known as a rebel in Hollywood. She used to be the bad girl, until she started travelling the world. She realized how different the reality was in other countries and she decided to give her contribution in changing the life of those people.
Here’s some reasons why she is an outstanding Role Model:
  1. She is outrageously gorgeous but she stays humble.
Think about some people that you meet, ugly outside and inside. Instead, choose to be like Angie: it doesn’t matter the way you look, just be kind and generous in your heart, and you will automatically look gorgeous from every perspective! #slay
  1. She works hard to reach her goals.
Nobody can do it for you, so start doing it for yourself!
  1. She helps the people in need.
Not everyone of us has the chance to help people in need in poor countries, but we can all start from our little town, or by helping someone close to us. Just do a small action of good intention to a person in need and you will get it in return. Karma!
  1. She dedicate herself to her family.
No need for explanation. Just look at her beautiful children!
  1. She is brave.
She underwent a double mastectomy to prevent cancer and she shared her story in order to inspire and encourage others. #respect
  1. Her lips. #girlcrush
In a world full of fake lips, her own are real perfection from Mother Nature.
  1. She is completely badass.
Lara Croft? Salt? Wanted? Mr. And Mrs. Smith? You wouldn’t want to get in a fight with Angie, that’s all I know.
The thing that most stands out about her, is that although she is a famous person, she doesn’t just care about herself and how she looks. She puts her heart and her soul in taking care of others and how they are treated. She is genuinely kind.
That’s why we admire and love her.


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