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Female Businesses are the best businesses.

by Jack Cogger | | bodypositivity, boss, empowering, fashion, girlboss, goals, progress | 0 Comments

To kick off this week we will be publishing three blog posts highlighting three different issues that women face today in the modern day, and how we are committed to helping address these problems by empowering women whenever we can.

As Binghi’s Boutique is a female run and female led company and brand we are fully committed to enabling women to achieve their dreams. Too often females are underrepresented in business and we are an example of the positivity that female run companies can have. Our goal of inspiring and empowering women shows in both our history as a brand and our mission going forward in the future. The fashion industry is saturated with many male led companies and we break away from this mould by being for women, led by women. Supporting female led fashion businesses helps ensure that there is fairer representation for women and sends a clear message that women too can take a leading role in the fashion industry.

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