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Female activism- Lets make a difference.

by Jack Cogger | | change, empowering, equality, progress, selflove, strong, women | 0 Comments

There are countless issues still prevalent in society which impact women’s lives every single day. This week we have tried to highlight some of the most important issues which persist within the fashion industry and how we as a brand are seeking to address them. The first piece this week focused on the lack of representation of females in the fashion industry, and the second was about female sexualisation. However, this piece is broader and concerns itself with how we can make a change on a societal level. While there are innumerable problems which still need to be addressed from casual sexism to bias against women in the workplace, each of these problems can be solved through activism. Women and men both should be able to stand up for women’s rights and challenge the wrongs within society, it isn’t controversial, it’s equality. Binghi’s Boutique has pushed for the empowerment of women and will continue to do so, as only real change can be made when we collectively stand together. Calling out and holding those to account who perpetuate these longstanding problems is key to making real progressive change for the better.

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