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Every Body Is A Bikini Body

by Benedetta Doro | | bikini, bodypositivity, empowering, girlboss, goals, lifestyle, love, rolemodel, selflove, summer, women | 22 Comments

The days are getting longer and the evenings are getting warmer. Summer is coming back, but it’s bringing with it all the diet and fitness ads, which are bombarding us with the whole ‘summer body’ idea. Just like around Christmas time, the wellness industry is trying to make money out of our insecurities, promoting '7-day cleanses’ or ‘loose your weight in 5 days' kind of products. For example, on Instagram, it’s really easy to find dieting pages, promoting ‘clean eating’ and the newest trends to reach impossible and unrealistic body ideals. Unfortunately, while social media don’t help, a vast majority of our society has fallen into this trap so it has become even more difficult to escape this diet mentality. But, guess what? There is not such a thing as having the ‘perfect bikini body’. This idea has originated from a diet culture which has been surrounding us for too long. We should not feel ashamed of showing our bodies the way they are. While it might be difficult to always avoid conversations about body image, you can choose not to listen and go against this messed up system. At the end of the day, what we’ll remember when we’re older are the memories we make and not the size of our piece of clothing. So this summer, do yourself a favour and wear that cute bikini you’ve been too scared to buy because you don’t think you’re ‘skinny or fit enough’ for it. Show it with pride, eat that ice cream and don’t feel guilty for not following that toxic diet mentality. Binghi’s Boutique has a line of two-pieces and body suits, which are perfect for every single and gorgeous girl out there. Go check out our website for more them!

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