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Charmaine Hayden - Girl Boss Of The Month

by @princessnyah Princess Nyah | | Charmaine hayden, Face4music | 3 Comments


Being in business over a decade sounds like a doddle when in actual fact being in business for 10months, 10 weeks, and 10 days is the easy part. Whilst travelling through many business ideas, projects, events and izums and skizums (what i refer to everything that gets in the way of the big goals. I have been lucky enough to share a large portion of the journey with this months girl boss. I remember the first time i met her on the set of a music video. She was rocking these purple pair of Marc Jacob shoes. I said "Like your shoes" she said "Nice head scarf". Yes i was wearing a head scarf on set of a music video it was Christian Dior and believe me when i mean i was a sucker for a designer label pre business start up. 

We got into Conversation and she told me about this empire she was building and how she wanted to put a friendly face to the industry. Now these times i didn't even know what industry she was on about lol. However i was inspired to learn about all what she was planning to do and pulled up a seat front row. Now its 2019 and Charmaine is still pushing away. Building bridges, making friendly suggestions across her network of business women and steadily building her empire as she was back then. 

Ive seen some highs and i've seen her plough through the lows mostly with grace and elegance. Despite a few "punch you in your face moments" Charmaine has demonstrated that although the ultimate win is to be filthy rich, the main focus is to live your life's true purpose and to do this one must and always should feed there soul first. Many a conquest is done in silence so i'll keep her current accolades to myself. Lets just say this, we have a bet in. The second one to 1 Million has to buy the other a Louis Duffle Bag and fill it with 5K cash. Lets just say i'm sweating because she is a tad bit closer than me. 

Here is to a powerful hard working woman with a passion to succeed but a passion to see her circle succeed too. 

Check out @chamsface4music for a sneak peak into her day to day as business owner and partner.

Pic [2007] 


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