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A tribute to Sisters Uncut: All I want for Christmas is for the issues facing women to be taken seriously....

by zahra jaffer | | | 0 Comments

SISTERS UNCUT HISTORY: Their goal is to create a respectful and understanding safe space where people feel able to express themselves? They hold regular meetings

Taken from their Feministo

"As women and gender-variant people who live under the threat of domestic violence, we fight alongside all those who experience domestic, sexual, gendered, and state violence in their daily lives. We are fighting for our right to live in safety. We are fighting for our lives.

Austerity is a political choice with fatal consequences. Cuts make it harder to leave dangerous situations, live safely, and heal from trauma. Safety is a right not a privilege.

Doors are being slammed on survivors* of violence. Refuges are being shut down, legal aid has been cut, social housing is scarce and the benefits system is being destroyed."


"To those in power, our message is this: your cuts are violent, your cuts are dangerous, and you think you can get away with them because you have targeted people who you perceive as powerless."


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