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5 Ways to Celebrate Women's Everyday!

by Clarissa Venturi | | empowering, girlboss, girlcrush, lifestyle, rolemodel, strong | 2 Comments

International Women's Day is on March 8th. It's a special date in the history, as it's a symbol of the struggle that women around the world have undergone to gain equality and rights.
The first Women's Day was celebrated in 1909. Throughout the decades, the holiday has changed its focus a lot.
Today, it's a day to celebrate the special women in our lives, with flowers and small gifts, as well as take note of women's economic, social and political achievements.
There are plenty of ways to celebrate this day and everyday with your beloved ones.
Here's some advices:
  1. Send cards to the ladies in your life.
Especially if you live far from your mum, of your best friends, you going to make them very happy if you send a sweet card in the mail or in the post.
  1. Donate to organizations or good causes devoted to women.
Give your help to support and inspire younger generation of women all around the world. If you cannot afford to donate money, donate your time for a day. Volunteer, or help organizing events.
  1. Be nice to other women
This advice should be followed all year around. But Women's Day could be an excuse to start actually being more nice to other women. Don't be jealouse or envious. Us women together can be very powerful.
  1. Celebrate with your girl-friends 
Is there anything better than just celebrate Women's Day with your favourite girls in the world? Try and let me know!
  1. Thank the Women in your life 
It's an occasion to remind the Women in your life that they are not just important for you, but that you are grateful to have them in your life. Thank them for being there and for doing what they do.


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