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5 must have things for the next season!

by Clarissa Venturi | | fashion | 0 Comments

Aren't you tired of the winter? Tired f the cold? Tired of the 3 degrees and the wool coats? 
Well, yes, I am too. But hey, Spring is on its way (hopefully) 
So here below are 5 things that you cannot miss for the upcoming warm season!
  1. Oversized hats
Will be a must for the summer days!
  1. Shorts
Thank the Lord we can say goodbye to the cycling shorts that reigned last year. Next season the things are going to be a little looser.
  1. Tie-Dye
Coming back directly from the 60s, this trend is going to be a lot chicer this year 2019.
  1. Fringes
Could not do without a Western-inspired trend infiltrating our wardrobes next season, could we?
We gonna see fringes everywhere: from jackets, to skirts, handbags and everything in between!
  1. Neon
The trend is going to stay on from last year. So either you like it or not, you still going to have to deal with bright colors blinding your eyeballs in 2019!

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