10 Self-Care tips to help you get the Summer mind, body, and soul that you need...

Summer can be a difficult time. You can be left feeling insecure. Worried about your summer body.

In 2018 we want women to try their hardest to overcome these feelings.

Show as much skin as you want. Wear that two piece, or that dress you saw in the window. Wear things that make you feel good about your body and yourself, gradually you will be able to fight your insecurities.

Eat well, stay hydrated and be confident. 

Body positivity has been a huge movement over the past few years. It is a direct reaction the unrealistic standards set on instagram.

Some women get lost in all the expectation to have an amazing beach body and their self-worth gets wrapped up in this idea.

At Binghi's Boutique we know that there is SO much more to being the best version of yourself this summer.  

Here are some tips to make sure you have your mind, body and soul ready for summer:

1) Get your tribe right this summer.

Your tribe should be loyal and supportive during the good times and the bad times. You need to make sure your surrounded with people who value you. 

The people you spend your summer with will affect your mindset. If you are uncertain about a group of people, or an individual...then address it ASAP and leaves those negative vibes in the Spring. 

Everyone is different, but an ideal tribe supports you, allows grow and wants you to succeed. They value you and your time and they show you respect. You want people who are trustworthy, and who trust you. You do not need people in your tribe if they leave you doubting yourself. 


2) Take breaks from technology.

It is common knowledge that taking breaks from technology can improve your sleep, lessen your anxiety and help you refocus. These all sound like wonderful things that would benefit us all in the modern world. 

For so long, summer had been about partying myself into poverty or grinding till I got out of my overdraft.

This year something feels different, I am placing some importance on my spiritual growth and self-awareness. I think that taking a break from technology is an amazing way to meet these goals.


3) Wake up earlier!

The sun comes up earlier over the next few months, and maybe you should too.By waking up early you will be setting aside time for yourself.

Waking up at midday in summer is not a good look... the sun is shining for you baby.

If you are anything like me, you've spent the whole of winter and part of spring complaining about darkness. The dark mornings while getting ready for work are the most difficult. However, now if you wake up early you are likely to be greeted by a blue sky and some natural light. 

By waking up earlier this Summer, not only are you aligning yourself with the seasons and making use of the extra daylight. You will also be making some extra time for you, and whatever you enjoy doing.


4) Spend time outside/enjoy nature

It is summer, and we all know English summers aren't always consistent. However when the sun is out, I encourage you all to spend as much time outside as possible.

 In case catching a tan isn't enough of a reason to take your lunch break outside, spending time outside can help normalise your vitamin D levels and improve general wellness. 

Being outside and enjoying nature is a form of mindfulness, it can help boost creativity and improve self-esteem. 

For real, go to your local park and get your zen on.

5) Take quiet time for yourself

It is so easy to get caught up in the drama of everyday life. Sometime you are carrying your drama and other peoples drama.

Taking quiet time for yourself, without the drama of other people, without the distraction of Netflix and the noise of your daily routine

Just take some quiet time...for YOU and your thoughts. It will provide some much needed clarity in Summer 2018.


6) Cook for yourself / nourish yourself

Sometimes cooking a meal from scratch can seem like a chore. That is probably because of all the pressure to eat clean and cook like that everyday.


This self-care tip is about making sure you have a healthy relationship with the food you are eating. Cook your favourite food to nourish yourself not just to feed yourself. 


7) Plan a mini home Spa 

I feel that the benefits of taking the time to do a face mask, paint your nails or even do a hair mask is heavily underrated. 

There is something therapeutic about taking time for yourself, turning your home into a relaxation spa for yourself and having a quiet night in, and just showing your skin some TLC. 

Summer can be a busy few months, between the days at the pubs and festival weekends you deserve a night in...just for you.


8) Stretch daily

Get your body moving. Not to get your body looking like that fitness model on instagram, but to start treating the summer body you already have well.

The benefits of doing yoga are undeniable...but I am not suggesting that you start practising yoga (unless you want to). Just stretch out your muscles before you start your day, your body will thank you.


9) Start a gratitude journal

Sometime life can go by, and you'll be living day to day without recognising your blessings. It easy to take things for granted. 

At first this will be difficult, but eventually you'll develop a gratefulness for things that seem minimal. Things like people holding doors for you, smiling, treating you well.


10)  Please yourself FIRST

This could mean many things. If pleasing yourself means having a Harry Potter Marathon, then do it.

If it means saying no to plans because there is something you would rather do. Put yourself first. Cancel those plans.

If you read please yourself as pleasure yourself...then go get yourself a buzzy thing, a fuzzy thing or a super sexy kinky thing. Word to Lovehoney.com.

These tips will keep you focussed on yourself, and not on other people.

You already have a beautiful body, and the summer is here already.  Enjoy it girl.


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