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Summer essentials- What you need.

by Jack Cogger | | bikini, collection, fashion, lifestyle, selflove, summer, vibes | 0 Comments

As this week is solely focused on summer we wanted to look at essentials you could do with both at home and abroad. Obviously this year traveling is more of a challenge, but no doubt many will still want to go out and enjoy their summers which is certainly understandable. So, while the last blog focused on activities to do at home, this one will focus more on summer essentials when you go on your holidays. We all love the summer; it brings out the best weather (usually) and is the prime time of the year to go out and explore. With all this in mind this post will talk about some of the essentials you might have forgot about.


When summer is in full swing we often end up going to the beach to enjoy the sun, so one of the essential items you don’t want to forget is your bikini! Not only do you need your bikini if you plan on going to the beach and sunbathing you also need other essentials like sun lotion, styling sunglasses and other accessories which just help you enjoy the sun that little bit more. Other essentials for summer are clothes which are both glamorous yet practical. Short skirts, white shirts, sandals and these styles of clothes are all great for summer and being in the sun. There are plenty of different and versatile styles of clothing in summer which allow you to really bring out some great outfits to enjoy the weather in. So, when you are going out this summer, whether it is abroad or at home think what essentials you will need to get the most enjoyment this summer.

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