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Positivity this summer.

by Jack Cogger | | bikini, bodypositivity, empowering, fashion, lifestyle, summer, vibes | 0 Comments

For this summer we want to make an active effort to empower women wherever we can so that you can feel even better this summertime. To ensure we do this we will be focusing on women empowerment and positivity in this week’s blog posts, ranging from how you can boost your self-esteem to removing negativity that could be holding you back from feeling even better about yourself. 

Summer is that time of the year where we all should enjoy ourselves, so these blog posts are hopefully going to give you some tips on how you can enjoy your holidays without worrying or stressing about life. Today’s tip is to think of yourself this summer, do things and activities that you enjoy and might not have had the time to do recently. Whether this is going out for drinks with friends to getting a tan in the sun, giving yourself some time to unwind and relax is beneficial both physically and mentally. Try to cut out negatives in your life and focus on the aspects of your life that you are fulfilled by. Summer fashion is often inundated with unrealistic body images and expectations of women, so ignore these and embrace yourself. There is no ‘perfect’ body image and all women are individually beautiful, so don’t buy into the media hype of how you should look, instead just love yourself and how you are, and you will feel far better for it.

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